An alternative world already exists!

Our research is taking us along the roads of France and Europe. Thousands of initiatives have already made their place in society. We are seeking them out to share and transmit their stories and to build bridges, but also to learn, to understand and to advance along our own personal journey.

The objective of these episodes is not so much to give ready made solutions as to inspire. Yes, it is possible to live without money! Yes, it is possible to trust ones clients! Yes, it is possible to produce food with (almost) no effort! Each initiative has advantages and disadvantages and each is, above all, the product of its own particular context and its personalities with their own particular characters.

These episodes point the way to diverse possibilities. Its up to each of us to adapt them as we see fit so that we may, in turn, create and follow our own unique road.

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• 11th EPISODE •

Faced with the industrialization of viticulture, some winegrowers have decided to take a completely different path. The Cousin family has been producing biodynamic organic wine for years using the power of animal traction. The result ? A natural wine, beautiful and good. But also a beautiful life, alive and vibrant!

épisode 8 - Daniel, the baker who freed himself by reinventing his work - vidéo + multimédia article

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• EPISODE 10 •

affiche épisode 9 - The shepherd on the outskirts of Paris
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ANJOU (France)
épisode 11 - natural wine, olivier cousin, french, biologique, without sulfite, wine
2660€ collected | 1600€ goal

Beautiful Wine? Beautiful Life!

Faced with the industrialization of viticulture, some winegrowers have decided to take a completely different path.

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  11th EPISODE

Length: 9mn38
Language: french
Subtitle: french, english

  10th EPISODE

Length: 11mn11
Language: french
Subtitle : french
affiche épisode 10 - chantier participatif de construction de maison Earthship, Habite ta Terre, Dordogne, vie collective, outils participatifs
1867€ collected | 1750€ goal

A big collective work that change life

Not already translated in English, help us !

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camionDORDOGNE (France)
épisode 9 - La bergerie des Malassis, Bagnolet, Seine Saint Denis - vidéo + magazine multimédia
1659€ collected | 1441€ goal

A shepherd on the outskirts of Paris

It is not common to spot goats minutes away from Paris. But a shepherd decided to start taking his goats grazing in the suburbs.

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Length: 10mn04
Language: french
Subtitle: english, german, french


Length: 7mn22
Language: french
Subtitle: english, spanish, german, italian, portuguese, french
Le boulanger qui a réinventé son métier pour se libérer Morbihan - Une autre vision du travail - vidéo + magazine multimédia
1659€ collected | 1441€ goal (see the budget)

Reinventing his work

Daniel started making bread when he was 3 years old. At the age of 24 he decides to leave what he calls "the gulag of bakery."

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camionBRITTANY (France)
NANTES (France)
L'ADDA, une épicerie participative bio, solidaire, écologique à Nantes - vidéo + magazine multimédia
1408€ collected | 1310€ goal (see the budget)

Let’s replenish Tomorrow!

A grocery of local organic products whose has multiple activities to act for a sustainable development.

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Length: 6mn49
Language: french
Subtitles: english, spanish, french


Length: 6mn22
Language: french
Subtitles: english, spanish, german, italian, french
Robert Coudray, le Poète ferraileur, Lizio, Morbihan, un message pour créer sa vie, architecture décalée- vidéo + magazine multimédia
1293€ collected | 1291€ goal (see the budget)

Let's create our life!

Robert Coudray searched what he wanted to do with his life for nearly 20 years. Since then he has built his own universe.

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camionBRITTANY (France)
Juan Anton et sa forêt comestible, permaculture, Valencia, Espagne - vidéo + magazine multimédia
1087€ collected | 1050€ goal (see the budget)

Juan Anton’s Edible Forest

Since 20 years, Juan Anton Mora has an edible forest. It's his way to spread his message : Independence is Freedom!

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Length: 6mn00
Language: spanish
Subtitles: french, english, german, italian


Length: 5mn34
Language: french
Subtitles: english, spanish, french
Affiche de l'épisode 4 - chantier participatif d'autoconstruction d'éolienne, écologie, énergie verte  - épisode multimédia vidéo + article
1058€ collected | 1045€ goal (see the budget)

Let Us Build Together

A collaborative work of self-building a wind turbine, rich in meaning.

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Affiche de l'épisode 3 - Elektra Wagenrad, la philosophie de la sérénité, méditation - épisode multimédia vidéo + article
self-financed (see the budget)

The Path to Serenity

Elektra is a German hacker. In addition to her activity which brings her closer to electromagnetic waves, she has a universal philosophy.

Multimedia Article only


Length: X (no-video)
Language: french, english, spanish, german
Subtitles: (no-video)


Length: 5mn58
Language: french
Subtitles: english, spanish, french
Affiche de l'épisode 2 - Acheter des logements pour les sans-abris - épisode multimédia vidéo + article
self-financed (see the budget)

Buy housing together

80 people associate, and for 20 € per month each, they buy a property whose use is given to a homeless person.

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Affiche de l'épisode 1 - Vivre sans argent - épisode multimédia vidéo + article
self-financed (see the budget)

Strictly Moneyless

Elf Pavlik has been living without money for over 4 years. Traveler, he sails from one project to the other, from one town to the next. Discover his story and philosophy!

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Length: 5mn25
Subtitles: french, spanish, italian
Free & Open diffusion

The episodes are under a Creative Commons licence


Our primary objectif is to pass the message : alternative roads exist and it's possible to follow them. We want the episodes to be freely reusable by all, and for this reason we have put them under the Creative Commons licence.

creative commons, librement réutilisable, participation libre

What is a Creative Commons licence?

It is a licence that permits us to free our works from standard intellectuel property rights and is in contrast to classic Copyright laws which restrict the reutilisation, distribution and modification of works unless you have the authorisation of the author.
Work licenced under Creative Commons licences become common property, with some restrictions depending on the particular licenced used.

Our work is licenced under CC-BY-SA.

This means:
CC - a Creative Commons licence.
BY - if you use our work you must credit "Sideways, Roving WebSeries" as the author of the work
SA - Share Alike - you must share under the same conditions: if you use part of a video to, for example, create a new video, you cannot distribute or share our work under a different licence than that we have used (CC-BY-SA)

I would like to project your videos

Of course, with pleasure! Please don't hesitate to let us know by sending us an email. As with the whole project, film projections are open to free and volontary contributions. If our productions are useful for you and you have the means to participate in one way or another, we would be grateful for the opportunity to continue our adventure!

Even as a commercial proposition?

We haven't restricted our works to Creative Commons non-commercial usage only. Therefore you can project the films and charge an entry fee, as with many cinemas which have projected the films before the main film of the evening. Whatever kind of projection you would like to do is therefore possible!

I would like to reuse your images

We have not restricted our works to a Creative Commons no modification licence. You can therefore reuse and edit the images for your own creations. For example, a presentation video has been made by the Alternatiba Lille initiative which used our footage in order to have footage of existing alternatives. Don't hesitate to let us know about your productions, we'd love to see them (there is a restriction on some musics we use from the 10th episode)

Reuse the rushes of episodes

We have hours and hours of rushes for each episode. With others, we have thought about the possibility of sharing the rushes, but this is technically and legally complicated. We are however, motivated to share the rushes for other productions (or even for different productions of the same episode). If you are interested, don't hestitate to contact us.

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