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We refuse to stick to a status quo we do not endorse! It turns us into mere statistics, forsters individualism and destroys social connections. With SideWays, we want to prove that mutual support, sharing and solidarity are real, concrete ways to live and work.

The connections between people allows us to weave strong and powerful links. Discussion and exchange are the fundamental tools we need to learn, discover, grow and be fulfilled. This project cannot exist without you because you are its reason for existing. Together, let’s prove that a different, more altruistic and interconnected world is possible.


an alternative experience




They are on the field, directing the episodes (from shooting to post-production, including producing the magazines) and coordinating the project.

Bandeau investissement ti camion
Benoit Cassegrain
Writer – Director
(34 ans)


Before producing the webdocumentary “Goudou Goudou, les voix ignorées de la reconstruction” (“Goudou Goudou, the forsaken voices of the reconstruction”) in Haiti (2011), I worked on a documentary series project in Asia, Asian Projekt then Web-Reporter (Syria, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Myanmar…). In France, I worked on interactive documentaries about experimental artists (Artwork) and more recently about young migrants (Présumé Majeur).


SideWays was the next logical step. For me, it’s a new way to make documentaries, one that is more in tune with my aspirations, whose driving forces are action, new encounters and sharing.


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Bandeau investissement ti camion
Hélène Legay
(26 ans)


Discovering the world, meeting and speaking to new people, questioning your own beliefs to find new solutions and push the world forward; those are my driving forces. Interested in journalism, I soon discovered photography to be my preferred form of expression. After working on a project in Nicaragua in 2009 I discovered that the world was rife with positive initiatives. When I became an independent teaching professional in photography and graphic design software, I had the urge to be more concretely involved in promoting new ways to navigate society.

Sideways encompasses all my passions: photography, social innovation, new encounters, exchanges, discoveries. Working to make it succeed is what makes sense to me.


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They take part

in the SideWays adventure

They support the project by lending it their skills and knowledge. SideWays would not be what it is without them!

Ils participent de 1000 manières

Sylvain Chaux, film maker – @ChauxSylvain

Simon Sarrazin@simons_fr

Tomamplius, computer engineer

Isa Miaouwww.miaouzdays.com

Nicolas Rodelet, manager of the incubator at Labo de l’édition

Timothy Duquesne, autor of “L’avenir des pixels” – @timothyduquesne

Emmanuel Doudat

Julien Favart, actor – bio & contact sur Cinétéa

Sandie Boyer, graphic designer – maamuch.tumblr.com

Anaëlle Blanchard, writer of the first episode – @Anaelle

Alexandra Overtchouk

Elie Mietkiewicz


They correct episodes

Cathy Collin-Prunier

Dominique Platon


Laurent Houillon

Aleksi, avis musical


They animate the projections

Yannick Lemeur (Nantes)

Anne Becel (Nantes)

Nicolas Form, Stopeen (Paris)

Carla Sofia (Paris)


They translate in Spanish

Julie Salmon@JulieSalmonMex


María Jesús

Sophie Barrault

Nathalie Quiroga


They translate in English

Sedera Ranaivoarinosy@0sedera0

Elise Sanvoisin

Nicolas CassauxLe 4ème singe

Mylène Chevreul

Patricia Jurion

Ramy Mahmoud

Marie Lugherini


FarhaMa Maison Sur Roues

Nicolas Girardot@Cliff_sama


They translate in Deutsh

Laurence Willemin


Helene Hecke


They translate in others languages

Claudia Capello, italian translator

Luzia Nour, portuguese translator

Basta!, french media partenaire – www.bastamag.net

On Passe à l’actewww.onpassealacte.fr

Histoires Ordinaireswww.histoiresordinaires.fr

Fokus21, Irrintzina, the moviewww.fokus21.org

L’avenir des pixels, community project – www.avenirdespixels.net

Le labo de l’édition, coworking space (Paris) – www.labodeledition.com

La Coroutine, coworking space (Lille) – www.lacoroutine.org

They stand by SideWays

SideWays, a project by the not-for-profit organization A Contre Courant