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An open-source project!


SideWays is an alternative project both by its content (the topics of the episodes), its set-up (community participation, the traveling truck) and its financing (crowdfunding, free-pricing).

There are many ways you can contribute to SideWays:

  • Suggest topics of episodes if you have some ideas, feel free to contact us !
  • Skill-based volunteering to ensure quality rendition (reviewing material, web development, translations)
  • Share the episodes with your entourage or screen SideWays episodes during events
  • Donate to our crowdfunding campaigns. Each episode is funded separately. To support us on a long-term basis, feel free to donate to multiple campaigns.

You have other ideas, contact us !

To support SideWays:

Donate to the crowdfunding campaign for our next episode


Share your skills to help the production

Skill-based volunteering