The travelling truck

Screening and meeting


In order to make the most of our travels in the trucks for our different shoots, we decided to convert it into a travelling meeting space: a mobile, friendly space for discussions and exchanges.

What we want most during our village stops is to foster discussion. We want to bring in what we know and grow thanks to what is given to us. That is why we offer to anyone interested screenings followed by debates based on SideWays episodes as well as training sessions in our domains of expertise (photo, video, graphic design) at free-pricing.

When we stop in a village, we bust out all our gear and work in front of the truck.

Co-working sessions, screenings followed by debates, training sessions: signs make passers-by curious and foster discussion.

We introduce the evening’s screening (of one or more episodes of SideWays) and discover snippets about the lives of our viewers and the place where we’ve settled. When there is a market, we shop for our groceries while giving out flyers to advertise our events.

These screenings are our way of presenting the issues that we care about and get feedback from the viewers present. The discussion that ensues is often fascinating and takes us on new, no less interesting, grounds.

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