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SideWays and On Passe à l’Acte


Since few years now, On Passe à l’Acte and SideWays’s teams travel to meet “Inspiring Citizens” and to share their inspiring positive actions. This DVD contain 7 episodes of each project, for 1h30 of ideas.

This DVD has been created for French speaking public, but you will find 7 SideWays episodes subtitles in English into it.



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SideWays episodes subtitled in English, French and Spanish

1. Elf Pavlik – Strictly Moneyless (5’25”)
2. Toit à moi – Buy housing together (6’05”)
3. Tripalium – Collaborative work for DIY wind turbines (5’33”)
4. Juan Anton – Edible forest (6’00”)
5. Robert Coudray – Let’s create our life (6’21”)
6. ADDA – A participative grocery store and much more (6’49”)
7. Daniel Testard – The baker who reinvented his job to be free! (7’21”)


On Passe à l’Acte‘s episodes (only in French)

1. Laurent Gerby – Travail pour le bien commun (5’31”)
2. Yannick Jollivet – “Au clair de la rue”, chorale avec et pour les sans-abris (3’08”)
3. Began – Parc éolien citoyen (5’49”)
4. Aodrenn – Chercheur de solutions (3’27”)
5. Jean-Pierre Leroux – Il a réalisé son rêve (4’00”)
6. Gabriel Serra / Bioule – Une cantine intergénérationnelle (3’30”)
7. Bernard Ronot – Sauvegarde des blés anciens (8’23”)