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Episode 7 : Today, let's retore Tomorrow

ADDA is a grocery of local organic products where everything that is produced in the area can be found. But it is also a place where food waste is recycled, a place where one can offer different activities, exchange clothes, borrow equipment, give items, a place where one takes time, where the human is at the core. For ADDA is an association, without paid workers, that works thanks to the voluntary investment of its 300 members.

How can I contribute to the crowdfunding campaign?

You can give your contribution:

- by HelloAsso, a french crowdfunding website dedicated to non-profit organisations. The credit card payment is secured. We have no fees (it's not the case with Paypal), but you can tip HelloAsso for the service provided (optional). The donation will not be automatically included to the crowdfunding campaign but we will add it soon.
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- by bank transfer : you can download the bank account of the organization (download). Don't forget to send an email to inform us 🙂

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For information: the payment is done to the non-profit organisation "A Contre Courant", whose created SideWays.


Thanks a lot for your contribution!

Distribution of funding

This crowfunding help us to finance all the project during 3 months. It's the average time we need to create an episode : searching the subject, shooting, post-production, management of the website and of the global project.

All our budget, episode after episode, is detailled on the page: "An alternative economic model"

You can also contribute to the project with your competences.