SideWays   Roving Web Series
A more humane world exists, here and now, in this one!

This documentary series seeks to highlight those 'freed zones' present in all cities, towns and villages where solidarity holds sway over individualism, where confidence and trust in others is a reality and where people are creatively taking their lives into their own hands. 
SideWays is more than a documentary series, it is our way of living: a nomadic life-style in which we experiment living a model based on fully integrated free and voluntary participation.

Web Series

Free Zones

Inspiring subjects
presented in a multimedia format.

From Germany to Spain, from Belgium to Brittany, the SideWays series presents a diversity of alternative realities, powerful messages giving pause for thought and concrete examples illustrating possible ways of taking action.

The videos, being short and lively, allow the easy discovery of the essential message. The multimedia articles, carefully written in a simple and attractive style, facilitate the better understanding of the approach in general and suggest ways of going further. The two formats are independent yet complementary at the same time.

11th episode

épisode 8 - Daniel, the baker who freed himself by reinventing his work - Brittany, french backer


Beautiful Wine? Beautiful Life!

Faced with the industrialization of viticulture, some winegrowers have decided to take a completely different path.

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Beautiful Wine? Beautiful Life!


When House Building is Life-Changing


The shepherd on the outskirts of Paris


Daniel, the baker who freed himself by reinventing his work

creative commons, librement réutilisable, participation libre

All the episodes are freely reusable. You can show them at your events, festivals, in your classrooms, etc.

creative commons, librement réutilisable, participation libre

If you like our work and you can translate from French to English, you can help the project to grow. Please, contact us!

Way of life

Live, create, evolve


This series is also our own personal quest. We seek not only to showcase the 'freed zones', but also to live actively in this world of creativity and confidence.


In order to produce SideWays, which is both our passion and our life, we live and travel in a converted van roving the towns and villages of Europe, open to encounters with the people on our route.

As we wander, we find new subjects for our series. We put on film shows and encourage discussions around the themes of our series, sometimes spontaneously and sometimes organised in advance. Our mobile stand allows us to present many other meaningful projects and initiatives discovered during our travels.

The converted van is the perfect catalyst for new encounters and open discussions. It has been decorated and, bit by bit, enriched with a potted vegetable garden and a 'mini-cinema' caravan allowing us to project films wherever we go.

Voluntary participation

Improve, share, finance...


The connections between people create strong and powerful links. Discussion and exchange are the fundamental tools by which we learn, make discoveries, construct our lives and become fulfilled and happy.

Through SideWays, we want to demonstrate that helping one another, sharing and solidarity are real and concrete means of living and working.

SideWays is, therefore, an experimentation : a model based on free and voluntary participation so that each person who wishes can contribute and participate.


All the episodes, and all our web magazine productions, are freely reusable (creative commons copyright). For film projections any financial contribution is voluntary and the amount you contribute, should you wish to do so, is up to you. You can support the project and help it on its way through Tipeee, participative funding on this website.


It's important for us that participation is equally possible through non-monetary contributions. What we have need of are your different skills and know-how, food, the diffusion of our initiative and not just money.

Today, many people participate in and contribute to the project in various ways : translating the episodes, organising projections in their home town, proof reading and improving the episodes before publication, etc.

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