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SideWays is a

collaborative projet

Correct, share, translate
everybody can contribute !

We have financial needs but many of them can be reduced with your help. For example, in a few small villages, people paid for our food or gave us baskets full of vegetables, which reduced our expenses.

This is a non-exhaustive list of favours you could do for us.

You can use the form below to let us know how you wish to contribute.

Our skill-based-needs

√ share the project and episodes around you : on the web, with your friends, etc.
√ French to English translations and English corrections – document to recap the work to do
√ help to integrate translations in the final HTML document – more informations (in French)
√ send us names of media or website that could like to publish our episodes. We will contact them. The episodes have Creative Commons licence, websites doesn’t need to pay to publish them, but it allows to share the message) – more informations (in French)
√ organize screening of episodes. We can help you to and give you keys to animate the event if you want.

Our material needs


Our main needs:
√ Fresh produce, non-perishables (or lunch/dinner invitations)
√ A good internet connection to upload videos
√ A washing-machine to borrow


Tell us how you can contribute

You can also donate to the crowdfunding campaign for our latest episode


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