•  <center> AujourD\

    AujourD'hui restaurons DemAin

    Une épicerie participative, ou plutôt un lieu collectif de proximité, l'ADDA est un véritable petit laboratoire social !

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  • Créons notre vie !

    Créons notre vie !

    Robert Coudray a créé un univers entier dans un seul but : redonner à tous le goût du rêve !

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  • <!--:fr--><center>La Forêt<br>Comestible</center><!--:--><!--:es--><center>El bosque de alimentos</center><!--:--><!--:en--><center>The food<br>forest</center><!--:-->

    The food

    only in french and spanish for the moment, sorry !

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  • <!--:fr--><center>CONSTRUISONS ENSEMBLE</center><!--:--><!--:en--><center>BUILD <br />TOGETHER</center><!--:--><!--:es--><center>CONSTRUIMOS<br>JUNTOS</center><!--:-->


    Self-built wind turbine - A collaborative work that make sense...

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  • <!--:fr--><center>ELEKTRA WAGENRAD</center><!--:--><!--:en--><center>ELEKTRA WAGENRAD</center><!--:--><!--:es--><center>ELEKTRA WAGENRAD</center><!--:-->


    The path of Serenity - Elektra is a german hacker with an universal philosophy...

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  • <center>Strictly<br>Moneyless</center>


    Elf, hacker, strictly moneyless and stateless for over three years !

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 The last episodes

Social initiatives you haven’t heard of




Buy housing

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Elektra Wagenrad
The Serenity’s way

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Social initiatives you haven’t heard of

SideWays is a documentary webseries presenting never-before-seen social initiatives through various multimedia episodes.

With SideWays, we want to showcase positive and original initiatives in which its leaders kickstart innovative approaches to solidarity, often involving an ingenious use of the web.

These can be seen as pioneering ideas or remedies to the current system, which fewer and fewer people relate to…

Each episode follows the same format:

A 5-minute, aesthetically polished video
a magazine-style multimedia article (with pictures and video)
a discussion forum,with the project leaders and the authors

SideWays is also a community of people: you are welcome to participate and collaborate on the project through the website. You can:

Suggest stories, comment on them and give your feedback
select the subjects
√ donate to the crowdfunding campaign for each episode
volunteer your skills to help the project grow
√ share the episodes

Whenever a new episode is online, a discussion forum allows you to speak directly with the protagonists of each initiative.


An open-source project!


SideWays is an alternative project both by its content (the topics of the episodes), its set-up (the Story Box, community participation, the traveling truck) and its financing (crowdfunding, free-pricing).

There are many ways you can contribute to SideWays:

  • Submit episode topics to the community (via the Story Box)
  • Skill-based volunteering to ensure quality rendition (reviewing material, web development, translations)
  • Share the episodes with your entourage or screen SideWays episodes during events
  • Donate to our crowdfunding campaigns. Each episode is funded separately. To support us on a long-term basis, feel free to donate to multiple campaigns.
  • You have other ideas, contact us !

And if we head your way,> come to our screenings and debates or to our training sessions!

To support SideWays:

Donate to the crowdfunding campaign for our next episode


Share your skills to help the production

Skill-based volunteering

Know some interesting innovative projects?

Tell us about the stories you know about or that you are part of!

First and foremost, we are looking for little-known stories of solidarity and social innovation that have real impact on today’s society.

You can also comment, give feedback and build on the initiatives that you find most relevant, thus becoming a part of the selection process for SideWays’ upcoming episodes!

Join the SideWays community

to share, collaborate, exchange and receive the latest news



A travelling meeting space in our truck!

In order to make the most of our travels in the trucks for our different shoots, we decided to convert it into a travelling meeting space: a mobile, friendly space for discussions and exchanges.

What we want most during our village stops is to foster discussion. We want to bring in what we know and grow thanks to what is given to us. That is why we offer to anyone interested screenings followed by debates based on SideWays episodes as well as training sessions in our domains of expertise (photo, video, graphic design) at free-pricing.